As they say, home is where you can relax, be comfortable and be with the people you love, your family. However, you also can’t deny the fact that there would be instances that you’re not safe even in your own home. Given that, it is even more important that you find ways on how you can keep your family safe and protected at home.

When it comes to home safety, you need to consider a lot of things. There are many factors that can contribute in compromising you and your family’s safety at home. Accidents may happen without notice. Thus, it is important that you keep yourself ready whenever troubles come.

Be Ready

In any given situation, being ready is vital. Being ready at home would mean knowing how to react and what do during critical situations. You also need to keep yourself equipped with the right tools and devices so you can act fast when things got worse. For instance, having the best tactical tomahawk nearby would make a big difference. You can be at peace that you have something to pull out during emergencies.


Oftentimes, the cause of bigger misfortunes is the lack of preparedness. Many people are getting complacent with their way of life, not getting ready for the worse to come. The fact is, only those who made the right preparation survive. So be ready at all times. If it would take for you to sit down and take down of the things that you can do to keep your safety at home at all times, then do it. And do it now!

Home Safety Risks

When it comes to your safety at home, there are many risks that lurk around that you need to be aware of. Fire, falls and even other natural calamities are some of them. Most especially if you have kids at home; the risks are even higher. You need to keep an eye 24/7 for to be sure that things are in good shape and away from misfortune.

Some of the most crucial places which accidents often occur when you have kids are the pool area, the kitchen where many electrical appliances are located, stairs and other slippery places. Make sure you find ways to minimize mishaps on those prone accident areas of the house. For doors, make sure that you put proper safety devices such as alarms and other monitoring systems.

Keeping your Home Safe

If you aren’t concerned about this yet, then you still need to understand this. Keeping your home safe at all times is your number one responsibility. Since your home is a sanctuary for your family, there’s no room to compromise it. Whether you’re protecting it against natural disasters, fire or even for housebreakers, it is important that you know how to react when such things happen.

home safety

You can either have reliable tactical devices and other protective tools around, ready to be picked up any time. Remember that you can’t compromise your family’s safety in any way. Start finding ways how you can do it in the best way possible and make your home a better place to live!

New – Featured Business Column

This is a new column where we feature a local startup, company, or website that has put forth the effort to promote health and wellness, either directly or indirectly. Additionally, we have designed this column to feature businesses that may not be very popular or known in the general population. Our hope is to feature a different business every month.

Why This Website?

Before we reveal our featured website, we would like to provide our reasons for doing so. Calling on our Exercise for Stress Reduction article, we wanted to find something related to an activity that promotes stress reduction, an increase in health and fitness, and is affordable.

Featured Website

TCCThe website we have decided to feature this month is Tomato Can Champ. It’s a little off the board, but we feel this website incorporates many of the related aspects we have already discussed. This website is all about the sport of boxing and provides reviews on various pieces of boxing equipment, how-to articles for those who are starting out in the sport, and other fun tips and tricks.

One of the deciding factors to feature this website was the fact that they are quite open and realistic. As an example, when they are reviewing the best jump ropes, they state that they don’t review any jump ropes over $20 because they feel it’s a little silly to spend more than that on a jump rope. Similarly, when reviewing the best boxing gloves, they are sure to say whether or not they feel you are getting good value.

Why Boxing?

For anyone who has tried boxing, you will know it’s an insane workout. I have personally participated in the sport at a recreational level on-and-off for the past couple years, and it’s definitely the best workout I’ve experienced. It combines tons of cardio with resistance training primarily under your own body weight, so you’re really getting the best of both worlds in terms of stress reduction and improving your health and fitness. Additionally, if you are experiencing an acute episode of high stress levels, what’s better than exercise that involved repeatedly hitting something!

Furthermore, boxing itself is an inherently affordable sport facilitated by sites like Tomato Can Champ that help you find what you need. The prospect of having virtually no financial burden when starting a new sport is rather unique, but most importantly, helps keep the stress levels low!

Boxing Clubs

Most boxing clubs and gyms are rather small and often need to turn a little bit of a profit just to maintain their facilities (a true “small business”!). Additionally, lots of boxing gyms are very involved in the community, as kids, youth, and adults alike can participate.

Therefore, as a method of stress reduction, a way to increase health and fitness, and incorporating small business into the community, boxing provides a very unique and effective platform for facilitating this type of development. Check out Tomato Can Champ if you want to learn more about the sport, the equipment, and how to get started!

Small Businesses

11 Professionals on White

This may be a little bit of a switch from talking about exercise, stress reduction, and health & wellness, but we promise these are all related to the local economy as well.

As mentioned previously on this site, financial burdens are top factors contributing to stress, especially in the modern age. We are now seeing a push towards businesses that “run themselves”, decreasing the human interaction. Moreover, large businesses push for efficiency. This makes sense from a profitable perspective, but unfortunately, it is detrimental to health and wellness more often than not.

One of the main reason a highly efficient and automated business model that maximizes profit margins can be detrimental to an individuals health is simply because of a lack of product quality. We recognize this isn’t always the case, but often times a cheaper product is also a worse product.

One great example of this are pre-packaged meals. Although the food items found in these meals can often be considered healthy, particularly if there is a high proportion of vegetables, the products aren’t always fresh. More importantly, often times preservatives, chemicals, and other synthetic or unhealthy ingredients are added into the product for enhanced taste and shelf life. The good thing is there are a lot of companies out there trying to address this issue by making healthy meals easier.

So why do consumers buy into this model?

The answer is simple: affordability. Consumers, myself included, often look for cheap products that offer good bang for your buck. If you can get the same amount of food for half the price at Store A compared to Store B, chances are you are going to buy from Store A, even if it’s apparent that the quality of Store A’s product isn’t at the same level as Store B. I’ve been guilty of this multiple time.

Even further, larger companies tend to have more funds for marketing and advertising than small businesses. If you are constantly exposed to the same product, or a product is so standardized that you know exactly what you’re getting every time, you may be more likely to choose that item, simply because you know more about it.

Community Involvement

This is where all other members of the community become key. Small local businesses that don’t operate on a large scale may not have the expendable funds to market or advertise their products. When this is the case, word of mouth becomes extremely important. The more consumers that have heard good things about a small business’s product, the more likely it is that business will be successful.

On the flip side, you have the perspective of the small business. It can be difficult for a business to know what the consumers want if there is a disconnect. Given the business is the one selling the product, it would be unrealistic to expect customers to actively walk in the door and provide feedback, especially if they don’t know the business exists.

Therefore, it is extremely important for a small business to be involved in the local community. Whether it’s supporting local events, providing free samples at local venues, or even the classic door-to-door advertising, having everyone in the community on the same page can help everyone be successful.

Summary – Where does health and wellness come in?

If health and wellness is important to a particular community, small businesses can cater to this preference by being involved and close with the residents. Similarly, if residents recognize this as being important, they can call for action from local businesses to maintain products that promote living well. With a strong community, it is more likely there will be a strong local economy. THis benefits everyone, and if financial burden is reduced, so is stress.

Feeling Stressed?

feeling_stressedIn our fast-paced world of today, it is extremely common to feel physically and mentally stressed. Whether you are a student battling through exams, a young professional trying to work your way up the ladder, or a parent trying to support your family, stress is a constant.

One of the most underrated remedies for stress is exercise. A lot of people think this is a myth, but in fact, it has been quantitatively proven with hard science. For example, it has been shown that aerobic exercise actually reduces circulating levels of stress hormones (e.g. adrenalin and cortisol).

Simultaneously, aerobic exercise can also increase some stress-relieving hormones, such as endorphins. You may have heard of endorphins before. These are neurochemicals that are naturally released when you are happy and relaxed, and exercise promotes the release of these hormones, ultimately increasing happiness and reducing stress.

How is Exercise Relaxing?

Well, it’s not really. Especially if you are just starting out or have taken a lot of time off any sort of workouts recently. Even when you are in a routine, the fact that it can be physically demanding is not everyone’s idea of relaxing. However, please keep in mind it’s not just the exercise itself that may be relaxing, it is the after-effects of the exercise that are beneficial.

Indirect Stress Reduction by Exercise

In addition to the biochemical effects that are a direct result of exercise, there are also many indirect benefits that some people actually find the most important. For example, people often report that a greater sense of relaxation can often lead to clear mind. I personally agree with this, and I actually find it helps me be more productive (and happy) at work.

Similarly, it is well known that exercise can improve your physical appearance. Although we definitely prioritize health outcomes, a better appearance can help boost your confidence. Many people don’t realize they have all the existing tools to succeed at their life goals until they develop the confidence to “go for it”. Whether it’s the confidence to make another positive lifestyle change, request a raise in salary, attempt a new technique at work, or become more socially active, confidence can really facilitate health and wellness.

What About Resistance Training?

We have talked a lot about how aerobic exercise promotes stress reduction, but what about lifting weights? Resistance training is definitely good for you and can for sure help reduce levels of stress, just not always to the same extent as aerobic training (e.g. running or cycling).

That being said, you can structure your resistance training in a manner that naturally combines aerobic training. Usually this is accomplished with multi-joint exercises, circuit training, incorporating some sort of aerobic activity, or simply performing more repetitions at a lower weight.


Simply put, exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. This has been proven scientifically, but is often overlooked. If you find yourself feeling stressed, want to make a lifestyle change that benefits your health, and perhaps even trim down a little bit, then we strongly encourage you to consider adding exercise to your daily or weekly routine. Even a little bit can go a long way!